solar charge controller

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Ghc 1450

MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER with SR-ML4830. advanced double peak or multi tracking technology . when the panel has a damaged part , the I-V curve shows multiple peaks. the solar change c controller can still accurately track the maximum power point. combination of multi tracking algorithms that can track the optimum working point of I-V curve accurately in a very short period of time. MPPT  tracking efficiency can be as high as 99.9%. temperature compensation function.charging ad discharging parameters are automatically adjust thereby extending battery service life. support historical data storage for up to 5years. supporting the start of capacitive load instantaneous large current. LED indicator of malfunction ,buzzer alarm and liquid crystal display of abnormal information. this helps users identify system failures. LCD screen display function. the display enables users to view equipment operation data and status, and modify controller parameters at the same time. TVS lightning protection plus all necessary protections.

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